The Best of Broadway & Pop Starring Jenene Caramielo
08 Jun 08:00 PM
Until 08 Jun

The Best of Broadway & Pop Starring Jenene Caramielo

Step into a world of mesmerizing musical mastery as Jenene Caramielo and her musicians take the stage for a show like no other. With a voice that effortlessly traverses the realms of Broadway and pop, this performer is a true virtuoso, captivating audiences with every note.

Jenene’s presence exudes charisma and elegance. With each song, she transports the audience on a journey through the most iconic and beloved hits from both the Broadway and pop genres. Whether it's the stirring ballads from timeless Broadway classics like "Phantom of the Opera" and "Les Misérables" or the infectious energy of pop anthems like “I will Survive” and "Mamma Mia,” Jenene’s range and artistry knows no bounds. Please join us for an unforgettable evening of the “Best of Broadway and Pop” with top vocalist Jenene Caramielo!

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