TUSK: The World's #1 Fleetwood Mac Tribute
09 Dec 08:00 PM
Until 09 Dec, 09:30 PM 1h 30m

TUSK: The World's #1 Fleetwood Mac Tribute

The New Hope Winery @ 6123 Lower York Road, New Hope, PA 18938, USA


Tusk has been criss-crossing the country since 2008 as The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac
Tribute. But of all the Fleetwood Mac tributes playing around the United States today,
what exactly sets Tusk apart?

Is it more than five skilled professionals turned masters of their trade through decades
of individual musical study, live performance, creative risk, and devotion to the art?

Is it more than their affection and respect for the Fleetwood Mac experience, an entity
that continues to endure over 50 years of musical and cultural evolution?

Is it more than vocal similarities, common physical traits, or good costumes?

To be sure, one does not fare well in the tribute scene without displaying some or all of
these characteristics. So what qualities does Tusk possess that can’t be learned,
bought, or created simply from a desire to have them?

Chemistry. Synergy. Intuition.

The relationship among the five founding members of Tusk has a rich history that goes
back more than four decades. Two met while playing Little League baseball. Two others
met in middle school band and marched in lockstep through high school. All five have
been playing music with one another over the years in various configurations of original
bands, jam bands, singer-songwriter circles, and alternative rock groups. Time, trust,
and close friendship have cultivated an intimate familiarity with each other’s musical
nuances, shaping each performance with such precision that even the slightest
variation, virtually imperceptible to all but the five musicians sharing the stage, is met
with a wink and a nod, and usually an inside joke. Tusk is more than a band; they are a

Experience the wonder of a Tusk show for yourself.

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