Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Appeal of Live Music

Live music has never been more appealing than it is today. This is shown by the success of much smaller venues here in Bucks County and the Philadelphia area, ourselves included. People want to sit down and enjoy the sounds of live music. But why are live shows so popular?


One could argue that by listening to an artist’s album, whether digitally, on record, or however you listen, is the purest way to hear a song. That sound is exactly how the artist wanted it to sound. The songs are laid out in a specific way, expertly chosen by the artist to convey some sort of story or message. Their voice was recorded and rerecorded to their specification. Tweaks were made in the sound digitally, and hours of audio editing went into making that final product. Listening to a song on a record or an iPod meant listening to tens or even hundreds of hours of work and thought.


Compare that process to a live show. Here, things are much more intimate, and while that may come from seeing the artist a few dozen feet from you perform, there’s so much more to it then that. Live music is first and foremost in the now. No matter how much preparation and rehearsing went into it, that song you’re hearing live is happening then and now. Slight variations occur that you wouldn’t hear in the album version of the song. Small, many times imperceptible mistakes can happen, or maybe even a bigger mess-up that the audience laughs off with the artist.


I think this is what makes live music so much more appealing. It brings a much

more human element, and that’s much more relatable to an audience than a digitally altered piece. In that moment you hear a live performance, you’re suddenly experiencing a song in a much more personal light. This is because not only it there no longer anything between you and the artist, but you and the entire room full of people have heard something that no one, not even that artist, can replicate precisely again.